UFO News ~ Cube UFO As Big As Earth Returns To Sun plus MORE

Published on Dec 22, 2016
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12/21/16 – I was in the countryside with my Sony a7s and Canon 6D cameras to take photos, videos of the stars and do some skywatch. After an hour of observation, I decided to put my a7s on a tripod and record a steady video of the stars. After reviewing the 8 min footage on my PC, I noticed two strange dark objects crossing the night sky.

The two objects were totally silent, and were flying in a perfectly straight line. They were rounded, totally black, probably because no direct light was illuminating them. I first thought about big birds, but their flying pattern is too perfect to be natural. Also, I didn’t notice any wiggling or flapping movement that could suggest these objects had wings.

My guess is that these objects are either unknown creatures, or some type of military device (drones?). I’m convinced these are not regular animals / flying device.

What do you think about these two strange objects? Please give me your opinion in the comments below.

I filmed this sighting with a Sony a7s camera, which allows you to shoot live video in total darkness. Coupled to my new lens (Voigtlander Nokton 50mm 1.1), I have a perfect night vision setup. Cat’s eye!


Filming nighttime celestial objects from earth with pocked-sized equipment has always been my dream. It’s now realized since almost two years now.

The Sony A7s has been released in 2014, and after months of dreaming of it, I could finally afford it last winter. As expected, amazing low light capabilities. This camera literally beats usual night-vision equipment: P8079HP tube, NV monoculars.. but also 99,9% of todays cameras! Its ISO capability is the most amazing any camera has ever known. You can record up to ISO 409,600. To me, and for my use of it, ISO 64,000 is clean and usable, with low noise. Compared to the Canon 6D, it’s a 10 TIMES better performance in terms of noise!

Everyone here might not be used to such high sensitivity cameras filming UFOs, so I better tell you why the video looks so clean and bright! I really hope more and more sightings will be made with such cameras. We really need to launch the next generation of nighttime UFO skywatch. In color, in HD. We have the technology to do that now!

Be prepared for more nighttime UFO videos on my channel!

→ If you have any questions about my equipment, feel free to comment below, I’ll reply. 🙂

► Camera settings:

ISO: 51,200
Shutter speed: 1/25
Aperture: f/1.1
WB: 3100K
Filmed with: Sony a7s + Voigtlander Nokton 50mm 1.1

Type ➫ Dark objects
Scale ➫ Unknown
Duration ➫ ~ 30 seconds
Color(s) ➫ None
Light(s) ➫ None
Speed ➫ Medium

Filmed by me in the countryside, France, December 2016.

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